Granny Galore

Not a week has gone by where I haven't reminded my staff that the Granny Florals are coming! I am a flower child of course ... When I say flower child, I refer to the Waverly explosion of large cabbage roses, paired with the mini floral, gingham plaid and awning stripe (the standard formula right?).

1988 was my jam! I was blessed to enter this industry at such a young age. Surrounded by vibrant flowers, color and all things pretty, I simply assumed it would always be that way.

While the decades marched on, we have played with very contemporary to easy traditional design applying very little color and pattern. I am a designer so naturally I love it all, BUT yearned for the very traditional and happy elements that were occuring when I came into the industry.

These are just a hint of my Granny Floral Finds. Here's to never being afraid to say "Grandma's House".

Grandma by the way, was once very hip with beautiful heirloom things. You will bring her much joy in sharing your appreciation for them.... Trust me, I know by personal experience.