Kitchen renovation is a HOT topic this year. I am loving the incredible inspirations happening in kitchens and YES, so much revolves around color.


Lacanche French ranges are a wonderful compliment to kitchens big and small. While the "Super-sized" kitchen is on the down-low, the investment in quality ranges and appliances continues to be a standard. Whether it is Lacanche, La Cornue or alike, there are so many wonderful colors to play with. While the range IS the color in the space, the surrounding materials can be neutral and understated .... Allowing for the emphasis of this wonderful investment be the attention-getter in the design. Brass and gold is on a rise as well .... Bronze fixtures are taking a back-seat encouraging us to experiment with a splash of glam ... I love it!


IMAGE 1 A bakers dream; when creating easy access to baking ingredients, the kitchen becomes so friendly for the chef. IMAGE 2 I was never a huge fan of digging and reaching. The plate drawer is so handy and ergonomically friendly; bending is minimal and everything becomes equally visual. Another handy treatment for those common potluck nights. IMAGE 3 A cutting board with a trash shoot is wonderful! No more spills on to the floor or dripping down the front of the cabinets ... Every kitchen should have this! IMAGE 4 I love this concept for the empty-nester or family on the go. Why run a traditional dishwasher through when it isn't even half way full? Again no reaching or bending and a great way to ensure your dishes are disinfected properly. A great secondary sink function as well.


My love for design reminds me that there are NO rules in design. These wonderfully designed kitchens more then support this notion. Not only is lighting ample, rather your fixture becomes your kitchen's personality. Try playing with scale and something whimsy this next run, I think you will love it!


There is no specific color trending in kitchens today. For designer's and the open minded consumer, color and finish are expressive. High gloss, high sheen is so FUN and dreamy to work with. Metallic back-splashs and colorful paints can take any simple kitchen to a new level of high-style and simply extraordinary. Don't be afraid to color ... It clearly tells a story of you who you are.

Can't wait for you to share your newly renovated kitchen!

~ Kelly