I had so much fun at our Marketing & Strategy Meeting with my team this week! ... Our 2 Interns blessed us with their savvy ideas and formulated surprise questions for their future assignments ... It is so refreshing to work with young minds. It really keeps me in touch with the up & coming from trending social media platforms to what the youth are attracted to in design. I am compelled to share some of the Q & A "shot" at me this week .... We played 20 questions and here are 3 of my favorite.

Q: How Do You Start The Design Process?

A: Every designer has a different launch point. Sometimes it is a small object, or walking through the home and listening to the bones of the house or simply pairing a time reference. If it is an Art's and Crafts Home, a designer might immediately think "Stickley". For me, I think GOWN! If this room were a gown, what would it look like? I LOVE a beautiful dress. While I can easily say I love fashion (we all do!), I love a COUTURE gown (very fine and the best of materials). Putting on a beautiful dress is transcending; it is very emotional like design. While you feel incredible in a beautiful dress, you should also feel incredible in your space. Design IS emotional . . .

IMAGES ABOVE Pasadena Showcase 2016. I love this model and her gown. The gown is so delicate even the image itself looks very vintage. This is where my inspiration began for the room. Pairing the timeline of this years 1918 Pasadena Showcase House of The Arts was a perfect marriage of Vintage to Vogue. Utilizing a Historical Palette with Pantone's (2) colors of the year (A version of Pink & Blue). While the design itself is timeless, it also has contemporary elements keeping design fresh and unique.

IMAGES ABOVE Philharmonic House of Design 2015. Blessed by a room with no purpose! Last year we took a room adjacent to the tennis courts and dreamed up a delicate space that only women could occupy, perfectly coined "The Ladies Tennis Lounge". With the idea that this room was designed to not only "refresh" after a vigorous tennis match. It was also a perfect room to rest and collect your thoughts and perhaps even add the Tennis Instructor to the VIP list for a little "Hanky Panky" ... This gown is SO devilish! (Like the unfolding story of this room).

IMAGES ABOVE The master suite I designed was created with the intent of exuding feminity. The billowing gown to the left reminds me of the drapes with the linen and natural wrinkle. The Ralph Lauren wall paint is soft and calming like the gown itself ... The Made Goods resin coral mirror shares the same form and movement as the skirt ... I can't help myself but to go crazy for this look!

Q: If you could have only one piece of furniture; what would it be?

A: A magical comfy, velvet sofa .. I love the feel of velvet against my skin. It has to be cushy and big so I can manage ALL my business on it ...

Q: What designer do you feel (aside from yourself) shines through your designs?

A: As designers we often refer to the Dynamo's of design. I am actually going to name (3) (This is conservative because I refer to several so often) . On specific projects I will channel specific designers and may use their imagery in design presentations aiding the Client in understanding a finished product, special technique or simply a well-executed roomscape.

Mario Buatta
I thought of Mario immediately when designing our dining room at the Pasadena Showcase House this year. He has an amazing ability to revive old traditional aesthetics into a fresh and breathtaking space.

Suzanne Kasler
I am probably the biggest fan there is. I love her diversity! From contemporary to traditional she can arrange it all. I have all of her books -Signed :)

Aerin Lauder
Simply so gifted (in many ways) .... She has a tasteful eye in placing beautiful things. I identify with this, and refer to her works with my Clients. Reminding them that "it starts with beautiful things to make a beautiful space" ...

It is so much fun to share with you. Comment away, if you have specific topics you would like me to touch on, feel free to include.