Finding Your Style - Design Trends 2017

I am always so charged after Winter Market; I love to shop, I love to touch and feel the amazing textiles, I love to see all of the incredible color arrangements in accessories, art, area rugs and wallcoverings. This year is such an incredible year to find "your" STYLE. TRUE Style (by the way) is to love your things; the way you look and feel in them, including a beautiful room; Not always necessarily what is trending.


POPS of SUNSHINE (Optimism, Cheerful, Energetic, Positive)

Yellow is a color that I find is loved or unloved; it has little in-between. For me yellow is a perfect way to add “Shizam” in an outdoor setting or placed on an antique furniture piece that has a sense of STYLE all on it’s own. For many, yellow is a base to build from as shown in the image on the right... All beautiful in their own right...All defining a wonderful sense of STYLE.


PANTONE SAYS “GREENERY!” (Calmness, Relaxation, Vitality, Renewal)

I have heard this one scares some of you...Don’t worry too much, this color has tremendous mileage and is rather earthy, organic and has a sense of “clean-living” for those that want to stay current but not “wash” their walls in the high-spirited color...( personally I love the color, but choose to use it sparingly).


Img 1: The green sofa is a perfect way to bring current and yet timeless color into your room; It is an anchor with style. Img 2. The green pillows are perfectly paired with blues and pinks in an eclectic setting. Img 3. This room is perfection in my opinion; Designer Laurel Bern neutralized this grass-root with coral and heirloom furnishings ... Img. 4.. Clearly this color sings to the hip, young at heart. This fun (black and white infused) entry way opens it’s heart perfectly to “greenery” and depicts a clear sense of STYLE.


VIOLET VERBENA (Royalty, Romance, Creativity Harmony)

Misty lilac, lavender & variations of violet were all over Winter Market.


Img 1: I am dying! The lavender chinoiserie is so subtle, elegant and tasteful. Img 2. Note the simple usage of lavender in the textiles, glassware and flowers; Such an appealing color application. Img 3. DYNAMIC VIOLET...This room screams I LOVE PURPLE!


ORANGE CRUSH! (Creative, Playful, Exotic, Deepened)

This playful color was everywhere on our shopping spree ... So fun, playful and captured EVERYONE’S attention (more so than “greenery” in my opinion). Curating spaces with POPS of orange is a perfect way to add a fresh vibe to your current palette...The balance of warm and cool hues is timeless; Notice how beautiful it is with variations of blues.

~ Kelly