We Have Arrived!

I am so excited to share our new website and collection of online “mini” boutiques. My continued “social-mantra” being a “Passionate designer, engaged mother, grateful wife on a quest for anything beautiful” are not simply conjured up words but my truest nature in purest form. My quest for finding anything beautiful has been in over-drive the last several weeks as we have shopped, curated, touched, tested and verified so many beautiful pieces.
Today’s launch … 707 Circle Lane’s collection of online mini-boutiques has been nothing but exhilarating to curate. Visualize walking down Rodeo Dr. popping into your favorite boutique/s that have a certain flare and design-style about them, you simply can’t help but to shop. My goal for the “Fashion Designer inspired” boutiques is to not only help one establish their style, but to minimize search time in a “sea” of exhausting searches. Being a person on the go, I look to the quick, easy and effective approach. Each collection has a specific fashion guru in mind in how I arranged them; From Sophisticated Traditional, to Hollywood Glam, to the Young at Heart …. There is something for everyone.
The objects & furnishings delicately placed in each boutique are from collections that we work with every day. I know their quality, I trust their brand and know when our shopping guests receive their shipment, they will love the product! Best of all, for those that need to see, touch and feel, our Brick & Mortar boutique in Claremont, CA., floors many of the collections so our guests can get to know the brand.
Live chat options with our “actual” Interior Designers will allow our guests to present questions answered by professionals that know the product and simply love to design. (Our “chatty designers” will of course be working our boutique hours, I do need them to rest at night …
“Hear Us Roar”… While inspired by so many amazing business women, Tory Burch has been a “go-to” mentor to me for years. As I have built my brand Kelly Ferm, Inc. and 707 Circle Lane with newly developed collections currently underway, Tory has inspired me with not only her keen eye, but her bold business sense … A true risk taker. Enjoy some of my favorite images above that Tory has curated inspiring our Estate of Grace collection in our online boutique. So much fun shopping for traditional items, with Asian influences and as ALWAYS with Tory; tasteful color palettes.
Kelly Ferm