Tablescape - The ART of dressing your table-tops

So many people ask “What should I put on my coffee table?” My response? All of your favorite things, there are no rules …

Mark Sikes; Composer of this gorgeous vignette

Mark Sikes; Composer of this gorgeous vignette


Mark Sikes {Chic People, Glamorous Places, Stylish Things} Truly depicted in this stunning tabletop. The color, the collection, the special painting.

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Charlotte Moss is magic with color. The variations of reds & purples in this tablescape are so warm and inviting - I think I will join her for tea


David Lawrence uses blue and white to make the perfect summery living room. The coffee table decorated with favorite books, hydrangeas and Oriental pottery feels welcoming and non-fussy


Noted this is a dining room table; Perhaps displaying your favorite things on the “non-entertaining days” is a perfect way to finish your collector’s space and add color & interest to the large surface


Chic and delicately scaled; Perfect for a tiny San Francisco apartment. The black & metal is complimented by the pink carnations. A small amount of fresh flowers is inexpensive and adds a ton of color and personality.


My favorite things; A Georgia O’Keeffe book of her many paintings, held open by a crystal my grandmother had hanging in her window. Valentino for color and a reminder of my true love for his work and greenery to neutralize the electric blue sofa in my Great Room. I love the shocking pink orchid and its height on the glass collector’s table

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Experimenting with your favorite things. A perfect project for the weekend