Where Everybody Knows Your Name

After numerous attempts of trying to become a Costco girl...It is confirmed that I am not. I have tried and simply I realize that when I am on stimulation overload, I don’t perform (well). In my day, a trip to the store needs to be effective. I go to the grocery store to get...food. I go to the dry-cleaners to get...drycleaning...I go to the butcher to get...meat and you guessed it, when I go to I LIKE PIE...I get pie! And boy do I ever (ah yes, I get the salad, a savory and you guessed it, a cold bottled coke!)

I realized after failed attempts I simply buy too much, or I fall victim to programs, memberships, empty promises that don’t make me feel warm and fuzzy. “How I feel” is very important to me... “Where I spend” is important to me. Name brands are only important to me if the boutique experience is positive, the expertise on the product/topic is clear, and the details are considerate.

When I was younger, I prided myself on multi-tasking and truth be told the one stop super-shop outfitted with a dry-cleaners, a bank and pharmacy was so awesome. I am simply not “there” anymore. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the boutique experience.

I LIKE PIE is amazing. The owner (whom I have befriended) is so direct in her brand delivery. She set out to treat people to a taste of good ole American tradition and what a success. Whenever I am having a business luncheon or craving a sweet-treat; this is where I stop. Her decor is wonderful, her staff is fun and I have never been disappointed. http://www.ilikepiebakeshop.com/

Boutique owners are so expressive in how they dress their store-fronts. Wondering and weaving in and out of boutiques is so pleasurable. The discovery of the product, how the product is merchandised and the design execution is part of my enjoyment. There is no standard formula or schematic to be found anywhere.

If your cafe, bistro, eatery or pub looks like this … I am in! I already feel relaxed and confident that the food is fresh and thoughtful. With the glow of a calm, ambient atmosphere, I am now ready to focus on your craft … By paying attention to important design details, I know these owners are not focused on rushing me out but simply keeping me in.

Trader Joes

Where everybody knows your name!

Or reminds you to not forget your bags (that is me) My experience at Trader Joes is the same everytime (never out of what I want, TJ never disappoints me with pricing, the staff is so hard-working, energetic and eager). I don’t view shopping at Trader Joe's as another task, just another nice daily experience.

Community well-being is necessary for all; support your local business owners, take some time to discover, and you might find you make a few new friends along the way.