Love Story

Are you a lush for your pet? I know I am! My sister once said, "You are so Type-A, I know you you will never have any children". Well, 4 kids AND 3 pets later, I am NOT so Type-A anymore. I have been converted. While I love things neat and in their place, I have succumbed to the notion I could never be happy as a Type-A individual WITH kids and pets. I do HOWEVER know that we can improve our lifestyle by clever decisions; feeding the Type-A inside all of us. If you are planning a new construction or renovation project and are a pet-lover, Why Not? It really doesn't cost that much more in the scheme of things and everyone (or everything) is happy.

Pets are Love-bugs! Nothing on this planet could love you more then your pet. Why not do something special for them? Their enhanced lifestyle is simply YOUR enhanced lifestyle. Take a look my collection of inspirations; sure to be put in play for my personal lifestlyle. My pet-loving client's will eat this up for their homes & offices (how many pets are going to work these days? I can't count them all!)

Kitty Comfort

If you are a cat owner, you know how critical this is. A cat's comfort leads to human-comfort ... Image 1 I love the first image and applaud this kitty's parents for being so clever. Image 2 The kitty "hole" allows this pretty kitty access to their cat box in the laundry room. Image 3 The kitty hammock is a favorite and it appears they have bird-watching privileges Image 4 as does the free-mounted kitty shelves. I do have to say; kitty on the bottom might need to watch the LB's ... his shelf tends to be at a slant.

Clever Space-planning

Image 1 Under-sink dog bowls positioned so you are not stepping on them in small spaces. Image 2 Under-stair doggy bedroom storage (bingo!), Image 3 Appropriately elevated pet wash for ease of cleaning. Image 4 MY FAVORITE, a DIY doggy pool. Put the plastic underground, a few decorative stones and WAH-LAH, the doggy Four Seasons.

Image 1 Spoiled Bull Dog! I think his Dad is a Fireman! Image 2 Everyhome needs gates to keep control. Image 3 A personalized shower for pups. Image 4 Another favorite; Doggy stalls with a common area

Pet Ergonomics & Universal Living

Yes, it is a real thing. Tall dogs digest food better with elevated bowls, kittys by nature have their favored way to scratch (vertical OR horizontal; generally not both). The vertical scratch pads save upholstery in groves. The green scaled sofa is . . . (well just very hip for this kitty) and the steps help aging dogs exit and enter their wash area without their owner having to lift them and of course, soak themselves.

Hug your pet today.