What is IMPACT design?

We commonly reference impact design @ Kelly Ferm, Inc. Impact design by definition is the core belief that design can be used to create positive, environmental and/or economic change; Essentially designing a better world visually and functionally.

The beauty of working with a qualified design team is that the process of design explores the layers of design before a design is actually implemented. For example diving into the psychological understanding of the spacial needs, the natural and synthetic light value, response to color and implementing function is so critical with Impact Design. Impact design doesn't solely reference commercial spaces; it references simply how we productively use a space, how it looks and makes us feel... Designers don't just talk about it, we carefully assemble the puzzle to understand EVERY project & EACH client needs. Moral of the story ... while there is Science in design there is also the creative implementation and interpretation, making it solely your own.

IMAGE 1. Our recent installation of a corporate office embraces collaborative teamwork & an open floorplan where teams share, move around throughout the day and do not feel limited to one desk space. The mobile lockers or small cubbies are designed to be pushed around if you opt to use another desk space (by the way, sharing desks in today's open office format is very cool and common place) ... All of your desk goodies roll with you. The color is fun, exciting and stimulates forward thinking in a growing company and certainly attracts young talent. IMAGE 2. A defined study and tech space promotes a productive work area for young minds. By personalizing space, these boys know their work space and excel with organization (they don't know this yet, but they do). This design promotes task-focus. Cleverly displaying their personal "artistic" accomplishments is a wonderful way to encourage doing their best work ... (Narcissism does start very young these days) :) IMAGE 3. Simple function in a small space. I have a hunch this bathroom is off of a pool or outdoor water-play area. The stack-able W & D make the washing and drying of towels easy, the large open shower allows for a quick rinse of sand or chlorine while keeping the space open and spacious. The floating sink not only aides with barrier free requirements (American Disability Act), but continues the theme of open and airy. IMAGE 4. A wonderfully clever problem solver ... the dividing drapery! So sensible... by installing a tasteful drapery, privacy has been created. Softness and a space definition is now in play and this room aides in several functions.


IMPACT can be subtle or bold ... (Remember that part; don't associate IMPACT with bold only).IMAGE 1 I use a KELLY green door to draw you in as a bold IMPACT strategy. The door catches your eye to enter this newly trending well-known Pub IMAGE 2 This image is very IMPACTFUL the curation of art, the decorative mantle and the accessories look as if they have been carefully selected over the years to fit the electic nature of the homeowner... I am sure this homeowner is very interesting (the psychology of IMPACT design is very real; the true IMPAACT is that the space allowed me to make a judgement on the homeowner whom I don't even know.) IMAGE 3 Impact design subtly introduces greens with natural elements; implying an organic and casual lifestyle. IMAGE 4 I used Cole and Sons wallcovering for my "ZEN DIVA" office. The wallcovering is SO powerful I decided to install it on only one focal wall for maximum IMPACT .... Years later, I still love it!


Can I hire your firm to pick paint colors only?
No! No way, it is not effective. Picking paint colors as your ONLY assignment for a client is like being asked to pick an outfit for "an event". If you called me and asked me to pick an outfit out, I would ask "What is the event? What is the dress code? Who will be there? What time is it? Where is the location? ... and so on. The same is true in design. How will you use the space? What furnishings will you use? Do you have alot of natural sunlight? What textiles, art and accessories? Too many adjoined decisions need to made in harmony, one decision out of order can be one VERY wrong decision .... Think IMPACT design. What IMPACT will I have on this space with change? What IMPACT will my designer make with the proper information provided ... Chances are ... TREMENDOUS IMPACT.

The idea of IMPACT design in today's world is simply that you are a designing for difference. Whether you go it yourself or hire a designer; think about IMPACT design. What IMPACT goals do you have? What are your objectives? What life enhancing decisions should you make? What image are you trying to create? ... And remember, in ALL cases, it should be aesthetically beautiful. In my world ... #onlyprettythings